Thursday, 31 December 2015

A Happy New Year

New Year is all about cherishing; the feel of the past and the hopes of future. It is not just a new vision for an individual but a new hope for the country too. Being in politics and as a leader, your views do not restrict to individuality. The society, the city, the state and the nation becomes your priority. You have to focus on people and what they expect of you. New Year brings in new plans and visions. As the nation plans to embrace change and move ahead, I would like to make a contribution each day.

As a leader, my aim will not be to order but will be to set example. I hope when people mention Nanuram Kumawat’s name, there is a sense of admiration and inspiration associated. That is what I learned from my senior leaders. I have been enthralled the way our nation is embracing progress. Last year saw some major changes. What last year gave us in terms of learning is valuable and important. I learned how the benefit of nation society should always precede all other gains. I learned that whenever you try to do something for public good, people point fingers and that is normal. As every coin has two sides, we need to embrace both.

As we stand and bid this year a well-respected adios; I hope I achieve what I aim at. My resolution for this upcoming year is consistency, resilience and determination. I aim to stay true to the promises I make to the public and the plans I have for the society and the environment. I would like to be remembered as Nanuram Kumawat, a leader who works for the people rather than a leader who only guides. I hope to be connected to all the people. I wish all my friends and followers a very Happy New Year. I hope we all have a successful and prosperous year 2016.

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