Thursday, 21 January 2016

Chal Samaroh and Ram Katha – A Celebration

It is never easy to tell people to unite for a cause. The diverse thoughts, the different approaches and the to-each-his-own attitude make it difficult for the initiator to unite people. That is where religion pays its crucial rule. We all are inspired by God and his various forms. There is some kind of intriguing factor that keeps us rooted to the wonder God is.

This is what inspired us to organize Ram Katha. It is not about promoting a religion, not about hailing a single God but knowing the originality and truth that encapsulates all the notions. That is the reason behind us organizing this Ram Katha. We want to know more about the way God is perceived and the way people interpret his role in the Universe.

We are organizing a Chal Samaroh on 24th January 2016 that marks the beginning and conception of The upcoming 7-day event called Ram Katha. Chal Samaroh celebrates the spirit of Ram Katha and Lord Ram. It celebrates the essence he had and the truthfulness in the text of Ramayana. He has been a book in himself and a lot can be learnt from his aura and story.

Every character in Ramcharitmanas has his persona and story. The way every single character inter-related is remarkable and shows the writers’ i.e. Valmiki’s ji greatness. The interpretation by Tulsidas Ji in Ramcharitmanas is beautiful and shows devotee’s true feelings.

I, Nanuram Kumawat, cordially invite you to the Chal Samaroh on 24th January 2016. The Chal Samaroh will begin from Khajrana Ganesh Mandir and will go to kathasthal “Chitrakoot”, IDA Scheme No. 140. Ram Katha, narrated by Param Pujya Shri Vijay Kaushal ji Maharaj, will be held from 7th February 2016 to 14th February 2016 at kathasthal “Chitrakoot”, IDA Scheme No. 140..

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