Thursday, 26 November 2015

Digital India, Digital Indore

An initiative by the Government of India, Digital India was introduced to ensure that all the services of Government of India were available to citizens electronically. The main aim behind Digital India was to make all the programs and facilities initiated globally accessible. The focus is also on developing an online infrastructure that enhances internet connectivity.

Through this campaign, the rural areas will get high internet networks and will be able to stay connected with the rest of the nation. The entire project was officially launched on July 1, 2015. Digital India covers the following three components mainly:

1. The creation of a sound digital infrastructure
2. Delivering services digitally
3. Digital literacy

The notion behind Digital India can be summed up as, “A nation that is technically ahead stays ahead.” But no campaign would be successful if the contributions made are not all inclusive. Though the initiative is inter-ministerial, every citizen should also contribute at his or her own level. Being a leader and a part of system, Nanuram Kumawat believes that one should work along the government to let the nation grow. It’s a two way road to the destination. He supports a paperless work culture that is not only digitally strong but also environment friendly. Moreover, keeping up with the generation and its pace of growth, Nanuram Kumawat is not only technically aware but also updated. He is active on all the social mediums and stays connected with people through Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus. He believes in the power of digitization. He believes that it’s only through proper use of technique that a person can process a effective change. Nanuram Kumawat wants to contribute in building a city and a nation that stays connected virtually to grow technically. Indore has also become a part of this journey after taking over the baton. Facilities like complete wifi availability and handling of grievances online assure strong and responsible system.  MPs and MLAs are also interacting with public through social media. According to Nanuram Kumawat, Every single person of the country deserves digital literacy to make a digitally empowered nation. Remember, the more we capitalize the boon of Internet, the lesser we will be affected by its bane.

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