Monday, 16 November 2015

Woman and Their Empowerment: A Dream Awaiting Decisions

Woman, this single word will generate multiple thoughts in the mind of readers. The thoughts are nothing but a reflection of your perception about them. How many of you had empowerment in mind? The number is almost negligible.  This is what led to revolution in these regards. Women have been referred to as the second sex since time immemorial and that seems the root of the entire problem. Every single decade had witnessed a revolution that was centralized towards uplifting of women. And it was more out of necessity rather than nature. 

The problem has been that everything that existed as a natural phenomenon for a man had to be demanded by a woman. It’s not about providing extra privileges but bring all of them at par. Be it a man, woman or others in between. In the end, human rights should stand above the parameters of gender. The quest of women empowerment is equality and to bring fairness in the system and treat everyone in the same manner. Equal pay, equal right to vote, equal representation in the parliament, board room and defence services and equal opportunities are some of the causes that are covered.  

Nanuram Kumawat has extensively worked towards the welfare of woman. He tries to give equal importance to woman in all the fields. Whether it is his personal life or professional, he believes that women are important to lead and drive a change. It is not about doing a favor rather giving what has been due for a long time. This is what Nanuram Kumawat’s team focuses on. Let’s work towards a nation that not only respects women but is represented by them too. Remember, when you empower a man, you only empower him and his surroundings. But when you empower a woman, you empower generations that will follow. 

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